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Planned Breedings

Sire: SG Panter z Gemera BH, SVV1
Dam: SG Yutta Iveron SVV1
Yutta has been bred! First breeding occurred on 5/10/23, puppies should be born around early July. Puppies from this breeding will be large with strong bone and gorgeous blocky heads. I'm expecting highly confident and strong dogs from this pair. Panter consistently produces medium to high prey drive and natural protection skills in his puppies. Both Panter and Yutta have strong full grips and a ton of power in the protection phase. Both dogs also show excellent hunt drive and a love for tracking. Puppies will be best suited for Scent work, IGP, PSA, and personal protection prospects. We are accepting reservations for this litter now. 
View litter pedigree: Here
Dam: SG Bora z Kanaricieho Dvora IGP1, SVV1
Image 3-21-23 at 2.18 PM.jpg
Bora will be bred to Ax around June/July 2023. This will be an excellent breeding for top IGP prospects. Working homes will be given preference. More information to come
View litter pedigree: Here
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