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Upcoming Litter:

Sire: C-Kaiser Aus Der Asche
Image 1-8-23 at 8.48 AM (1).jpg
Dam: SG Bora z Kanaricieho Dvora IGP1, SVV1
Bora has been bred (1/7/23)! This breeding will produce dogs with medium to higher prey drive with strong, full grips. Bora produces nicely balanced dogs that are able to work on the field but also settle down nicely in the house. I also expect to see extremely sound and stable dogs. Both parents are open and social in public and can be taken anywhere. These puppies will have a strong desire to work for the handler and would make wonderful SAR or IGP/PSA prospects, as well as excellent family dogs.
Structurally I'm expecting these pups to be larger sized with very nice head types and heavier bone. Very dark sables and solid black is possible. 

View litter pedigree: Here
Male 1: Reserved
Male 2: Reserved
Male 3: Reserved

Female 1: Reserved 
Female 2: Reserved
Female 3: Open
Upcoming Litter: 

Sire: SG
 Panter z Gemera BH, SVV1
Tuffy has been bred to Panter on 1/17/23, puppies are expected to be born around mid March. This will be an excellent litter for SAR, PSA/Sport homes, as well as very competent protection dogs.  Litter will be DM- Clear through parentage. I'm expecting medium large to larger dogs from this breeding. This pair will produce highly confident and environmentally sound dogs. Puppies should develop medium prey drive and strong defensive drives as they mature. Most of my Panter pups are very easy to train and highly motivated to work in many different avenues. This pair should produce dogs that bond hard to their own families and keep natural suspicion towards strangers. 
View litter pedigree: Here
Male 1: Open
Male 2: Open

Female 1: Open
Female 2: Open
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