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About Us and Our Kennel

Our home is located in Georgetown Texas and my kennel is devoted to preserving the original working traits of the German Shepherd Dog. All of my time and focus is on raising these wonderful dogs.

I personally have owned several breeds of dog ranging from the tiny Poodle to the colossal Newfoundland. I've always shared my home with at least one canine, but have been training dogs since the age of seven; handling canines has always been natural for me. I received my first German Shepherd, by the name of Buck, at the age of ten and absolutely fell in love with him. Buck would later go on to be a Police K-9. I admired everything about the breed; their intelligence, loyalty, and of course their gorgeous good looks. After importing my first GSD in 2008, my passion for these dogs only continued to grow and my obsession for the breed formed! 
My philosophy is to keep the breed as the founder, Max von Stephantiz, created, to "Make sure the German Shepherd Dog remains a working dog." I select dogs with balanced character, stable nerves and soundness. I do NOT want to produce hectic, nervy dogs with insane drives that so many modern bloodlines are becoming. It is for this reason I have chosen to breed in strictly old Czech/Slovak and German working lines that I trustThese bloodlines have consistently produced hard working, biddable dogs. They tend to bond strongly to their handler or family and protect their property relentlessly. I also love how these dogs are stable in public and don't fall under pressure. My litters are not the result of just "putting two dogs together". Each litter is carefully planned after years of researching generations of information and first hand experience behind the parents to ensure they are a good match. 

While temperament and health are my main concerns, I also focus on the structure of the dogs we breed. We will never breed for extreme angulation as this type of build hinders a working dog from performing their job. My preference is a strong head, good bone, short and strong hocks, firm ears and dark pigment. There are so many dogs in the world to chose from for breeding; breeders should be picky about their stock. All of my breeding dogs conform to the German working breed standard in height, weight, and appearance.  Our dogs are tested for DM, hip, and elbow dysplasia before breeding. 
Our dogs have a clean outdoor/indoor kennel set up with ac and heating. Kennels are cleaned daily. However, our dogs are also a part of the family and live in the house with us. Each dog is worked daily in either obedience, tracking, or protection and given plenty of exercise throughout the day. We also like to take our shepherds on regular trips to the lake, parks, and hiking trails. (I often like to post pictures of these outings on our Facebook and instagram pages.)

A little bit about our puppy routine:
Puppies are kept inside the house and exposed to daily family life. We socialize our pups with a wide varity of people, dogs, and other animals. They are also exposed to loud sudden noises, such as cars and gunshots. We introduce "odd" types of flooring such as tarps, tiles, wood and the balance ball for the pups to get accustomed to.  Basic obedience and drive building are started at an early age. I am also an advocate for the "Super Dog" Program, where puppies are given early neurological stimulation. More information about this program can be found here:
Photos of our home and kennel:

Our Foundation

V Iva z Magovej Zahrady SVV1                      
The dogs pictured above are Iva (my foundation bitch) and Dakar (my foundation sire). Of the many dogs I have had the privilege of importing, handling, and training; Dakar and Iva stood out to be the best. Both dogs had outstanding structure and exactly the kind of temperament I was looking for in a GSD.
Iva had an unbreakable bond to me, and me only. She was a clear headed female and very trustworthy in public. I absolutely trusted her in protecting me from danger. While social and sound, Iva was the kind of dog that would not hesitate to bite and defend her owner against a threat. She would refuse to get too far from me and constantly checked in with me. Iva comes from old Slovak police lines and top sport dogs, both were very evident in her temperament. I have kept back and used many of her puppies in my own breeding program to establish a strong mother line. Even generations later she stamps here progeny with strong nerves and dogs that love to engage with their handlers.

Dakar was a robust male that had endless drive for any type of work. He lived to work and was a powerhouse in protection! Dakar is a completely stable male and environmentally sound. As strong and tough as he was, Dakar had a soft side for children and was very gentle with young people and smaller animals. He was a social dog that could be trusted anywhere I took him.
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