Useful Information For Your Puppy

Dog owners and prospective puppy buyers, PLEASE read through this page.
  • A nutritious and complete diet is essential to maintaining a healthy dog. I can't stress how important a high quality diet is. What you feed your dog determines their overall health, structure, and even temperament. I personally feed my dogs raw and dry kibble. 
Our adult dogs are fed:
-SportDog Food (www.sportdogfood.comWe use their Sled Dog Formula and their Hero Canine Formula. We also use Farmina Ancient Grain and Muenster 1932 Flax Free formulas. I LOVE these formulas! They're high in protein and fat, excellent for working dogs.
We also feed our dogs Raw: 
-Raw: Chicken Quarters, Venison, Beef, Green Tripe, Eggs (We use the 80/10/10 Prey Model) 
Supplements we use:
-Omega 3-6-9: (
-GrandFlex Glucosamine (
-Vertex Canine Essentials: (
Our puppies are fed:
-SportDog Food Cub Formula (
More articles about feeding RAW:
Where to buy raw for your dog: (A great place to purchase if you live in Texas!)
Environment, Spaying/Neutering, and Joint Development:
  • I also advise keeping your puppy off hard surfaces such as concrete until their joints are fully formed and absolutely NO going up and down stairs. Before your dog's hips are properly developed I suggest staying away from long controlled walks. Instead, let your puppy play on soft surfaces such as grass and dirt at their own free will.
  • I HIGHLY recommend this article for hip development in puppies! The key point is to keep puppies lean. Overweight puppies have a much higher chance of developing hip dysplasia. This information is essential to new owners:
  • Please do not spay/neuter your German Shepherd before the age of 1 year old (my preference is to wait until the dog is at least 2 years old), as this can cause long term negative effects on your dog's joints. A great article about this can be found here:
Training Equipment:

Basic and Advanced Training Services:

Helpful Links: (United Schutzhund Clubs of America) (American Kennel Club) (Orthopedic Foundation for Animals) (German Shepherd Working Dog Association)