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Useful information/FAQ

Q: What do you feed your dogs and puppies?
A: My adult dogs are fed the Farmina Ancient Grain formulas. We also feed the adults raw using the 80/10/10 Prey model formula. All of our puppies are started on Fromm Large Breed puppy and I have had great ortho results on this formula. At this time I do NOT recommend grain free kibbles, due to there being a possible connection between grain free kibble and heart disease in dogs. 
-For large breed puppies I highly recommend looking for kibbles specifically created for large breeds. Ideally the kibble should contain 1.2 to 1.8% calcium and 1.0 to 1.6% phosphorus. Feeding your puppy a diet with too much calcium significantly increases your puppy's risk of developing dysplasia. 
Overfeeding and excess weight has also been proven to increase your puppy's risk of dysplasia. 

Q: What Supplements do you use/recommend?
A: I use Omega 3-6-9 from Spring Time Inc, and Rogue Origins 5 in 1 complex for my adult dogs. I've also had great results with Vertex Canine Essentials. 
Q: Where Can I purchase Raw for my dog?
A: There are a lot of not so great raw food companies out there that have just as much, if not more preservatives and junk than traditional kibble diets. I HIGHLY recommend They are not just exclusive to Texas. I also recommend Oma's Pride. 

General Information: 
Q: How much are your puppies and what do they come with?
A: My pups are priced between $2000-$2500 depending on the litter. The price is determined by how difficult the breeding was to achieve. For example, import litters and outside stud litters are typically $2500. Discounts are given to proven working homes and military/law enforcement. My pups come with AKC registration, a health and hip/elbow guarantee, shot records, microchip, and life time breeder support. 

Q: Do you have a waitlist and how do I get on it? How much are Deposits?
A: Yes! Most of my litters have started a waitlist before the breeding takes place. I like to discuss your future goals for the puppy, and what kind of temperament and drive level you're looking for. Once we agree on a breeding that suits your needs I can add you to the waitlist. I can add you to the waitlist at any time. Once the breeding takes place I will require a deposit of $300 to hold your spot. I typically accept 2-3 deposits per gender, per breeding before the pups are born. After the pups are born and I have a full gender count, I will start accepting more deposits if there are still pups available. Deposits are non-refundable unless I can't provide you a pup (example: You wanted a male pup from a specific breeding, but not enough males were born). However, deposits are always transferrable to another litter.

Q: Do I have to spay or neuter my puppy?
A: No, we do not require you to spay or neuter your puppy at any point in their
 life. There has been plenty of research that shows spaying/neutering can increase aggression and disease in dogs. Also, keep in mind that my policy states that any puppy purchased from my kennel MAY NOT be neutered/spayed before 24 months old. Growth plates in dogs don't typically close until 18-24 months old. Spaying/neutering before maturity can greatly increase the risk of dysplasia. 

Q: How do we socialize the puppies before they go home?
A: All puppies are born and raised inside the house with the family. From day one they will be handled and touched. Starting at 3 weeks old, puppies get their
 nails dremeled once a week. From days 3-13 I introduce early neurological stimulation (ENS) to the puppies, this is done once a day for 10 days. More information about ENS can be read here:

At 3-4 weeks old we begin to expose the puppies to loud noises, such as pots and pans dropping, vacuum cleaners, high powered tools, and general house life. We also introduce new items for the pups to climb on such as tarps, balance balls, tiles, wood, etc. Once old enough, pups get to socialize with our own puppy friendly dogs and friends often come to visit for socializing. 

We begin to acclimate the crate into play time and feeding time. Starting at 5-6 weeks puppies are fed inside the crate to associate the crate with a pleasant experience and safe space.

Q: Do you health test your dogs?
A: Yes! All dogs in my breeding program have certified normal hips and elbows through either the OFA, FCI, or SV in Germany. All of my breeding dogs have certified full and correct dentition. My dogs are also DNA tested and tested for DM before breeding. 

Boarding, Basic and Advanced Training Services:

(I can also recommend trainers that I work with) (Taylor/Austin TX Area) (Springtown/Fortworth TX Area) (Alvarado TX) (Pet Resort, Hutto TX Area) (Dallas TX Area)

Helpful Links: (United Schutzhund Clubs of America) (American Kennel Club) (German Shepherd Dog Working Dog Association) (German Shepherd Dog Club of America) (Texas Herding Association) 

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