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Our Current Females

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Supra EuropeanK9 Training

-Czech Import
-Birthdate: August 7, 2019
-Titles: BH, IGP3
-Show Rating: SG (Very Good)
-Breed Survey: Kkl1, 5V1/P First Class
-Hips/Elbows: A- Normal (A1)
-Spondy: 0- Clear 

-DM: N/N DM- Free
Supra's Page
Bora z Kanaricieho Dvora 

-Slovak Import
-Birthdate: June 15, 2017
-Titles: BH, SVV1, IGP1
-Show Rating: S(Very Good)
-Breed Survey: 5CV5/44 P First Class
-Hips/Elbows: A/A Normal
-DM: N/N DM- Free
Bora's Page
Tuffy z Hrdinneho Odvahy
-Birthdate: March 16, 2019
-Hips/Elbows: A- Normal (A1) 
-DM: N/N DM- Free
Tuffy's Page
Elza Dubacik

-Slovak Import
-Birthdate: May 16, 2019
-Titles: BH/VT, SVV1
-Show Rating: SG (Very Good)
-Breed Survey: 5CKV5/45 P
-Hips/Elbows: A/A Normal
-DM: N/N DM- Free
Elza's Page
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