Our Stud Dogs

Hades z Danaru
-Czech Import
-Titles: BH, 1GP1, CGC  
-Show Rating: Sehr Gut (Very Good)
-Hips: OFA Good 
-Elbows: Fast- Normal (A2)
-DM: N/N DM- Free
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Panter z Gemera
-Slovak Import
-Titles: BH, SVV1
-Show Rating: Sehr Gut (Very Good)
-Breed Survey: 5CX5/55 P First Class
-Hips/Elbows: A/A Normal
-DM: N/N DM- Free
Panter's Page
At Stud to Approved Females
Quindecim z Hrdinneho Odvahy
-Hips: A- Normal (A1)
-Elbows: A-Normal (A1) 
-DM: N/N DM- Free
-Tested Clear of All 173 Genetic Diseases Through Embark
Quindecim's Page

At Stud to Approved Females

Our Retired Stud Dogs

Dakar Mariko Bohemia
-Czech Import
-Czech IPO3 National Participant
-Birthdate: May 22, 2005
-Titles: IPO3, VPG1
-Show Rating: Velmi Dobry (Very Good)
-Breed Survey: 5CX1/P Life
-Hips/Elbows: A- Normal (a1)
-Sire to our Litters: C, D, E, F
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