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SG Zoroo Eqidius IGP3, IFH-V

  • Slovak Import
  • Titles: IGP1 (97, 92, 99), IGP2 (94, 93, 91), IGP3 (97, 88, 92), IFH-V
  • Show Rating: SG (Very Good)
  • Breed Survey: 5CY5/ 45 P First Class
  • Hips: A/A Normal 
  • Elbows: 0/0 Normal  
  • DM- N/N Clear
  • Carries for long coat 
  • Embark Tested Clear of 255 genetic tests, view results: Here
Zoroo's Pedigree
Examples of Zoroo's Offspring
Zoroo is a very substantial, large male with excellent stud expression. He is one of the most environmentally sounds dogs I've ever met. Nothing seems to spook or bother this dog. Zoroo is social with people and neutral to other dogs/animals. He is a powerhouse in his work! Excellent barking behavior with strong, full grips. Strong but controllable aggression. He also shows nice fighting drive and wants to stop the helper. He switches nicely between defense and prey drive in protection. Strong possessive drives, and very high food drive. Great biddability and loves to work for his handler. Zoroo is very quick to respond to commands, his obedience is clean and upbeat. Zoroo is a natural tracker, he's methodical in his work and committed to finishing the track. He very much enjoys his tracking! 
Outside of work, Zoroo is a very fun and happy dog. He loves to just hangout with his people. He is very clean inside the house and crate. He settles quickly and has a wonderful off-switch. Zero nuisance barking or other neurotic behaviors. 
I am so honored to welcome this excellent male into my home! He's sired by one of my all time favorite stud dogs, Goran Eqidius. Zoroo
 is a dog I hope to keep many offspring from down the line!
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