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Aggi Wemani IGP1, PDC, FO, PS3, PD3
  • Slovak Import
  • Titles: IGP1, PDC, PS3, PD3, FO

  • Hips: OFA Excellent 

  • Elbows: OFA Normal

  • Dentition OFA Normal 

  • DM: N/N Clear 

  • Embark Clear 

  • DNA tested by AKC

Aggi's Pedigree

Aggi is owned by Sierra Menger, thank you for letting us use your awesome boy!
He is well put together male with a broad chest, beautiful head type and deep pigment. His owner describes him as "Aggi has strong deep grips in bite work with an off switch to die for, very methodical in tracking. He is clear headed and balanced and the PERFECT family dog. I have yet to find anything that bothers this outstanding boy. We are actively trialing in IGP WDA and PSA."

Aggi comes from older Czech bloodlines and I'm very excited to utilize him in my breeding program! 
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