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SG Usha z Duricovho Dvora IGP2, SVV1

  • Slovak Import
  • Titles: IGP2, SVV1

  • Show Rating: SG "Very Good"

  • Breed Survey: 5Y5/55 P First Class

  • Hips: A/A Normal 

  • Elbows: 0/0 Normal 

  • DM: N/N Clear

Usha's Pedigree

Usha is a medium sized female with excellent structure and athletic build. Her pigment is rich with very dark eyes and no light hairs in her coat. She is appropriately aloof to strangers but remains neutral in public. She adores only her handler/family. Her obedience is very happy and upbeat. She has a strong desire to work with her person, and works mainly out of the love for her handler. Usha has medium-high prey drive, strong defensive drives, and high food drive. She is a strong female with hard full grips, and is quick to strike the helper. She switches nicely between prey and defensive drives. Usha is neutral to other dogs/animals and is environmentally sound. 
From her father's line, Usha comes from strong and extremely sound dogs used for the Slovak police kennel. Also in her pedigree is one of my all time favorites and top producer, Drago Eqidius. Usha's mothers line has produced highly successful dogs in IGP sport with strong nerve and a high desire to work.
Usha went first class in her breed survey and is recommended for breeding. 
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