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SG Aranka Carlos Bohemia BH, ZVV1

  • Czech Import
  • Titles: BH/VT, ZVV1 (Scores: 85, 92, 90)

  • Show Rating: SG "Very Good"

  • Breed Survey: 5CY1/ N First Class

  • Hips: A/A Normal

  • Elbows: 0/0 Normal

  • Spondy- 0 (Clear)

  • DM: N/N- Clear

  • Does not carry long coat 

  • DNA tested by AKC

Aranka's Pedigree

Aranka is a large and heavy boned female, pictures don't do this girl justice! She is absolutely beautiful and well built. She's neutral around new people and other dogs. Extremely stable in new environments and just a safe dog for any situation. Aranka has very high prey and food drive, she enjoys working for the ball the most. Aranka takes corrections well with zero handler aggression. She also exhibits a very strong hunt drive and a deep nose. She will search for her toys forever if you let her. Aranka is a medium energy dog and super easy to live with. Her off-switch is incredible. She settles quickly and is quiet inside our home. 

In protection she has strong prey and defensive drives, and switches easily between them. Overall a nicely balanced female. Her grips are to die for! She always gives a strong and full bite. She is quick to strike the sleeve and guards nicely as well. She really launches herself at the decoy! Aranka handles pressure extremely well and maintains a clear head. Aranka comes from some older Czech bloodlines that I'm so excited to utilize in my program!
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