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SG Panter z Gemera BH, SVV1

  • Slovak Import
  • Titles: BH, SVV1 (Scores: 93, 90, 94)
  • Show Rating: SG "Very Good"
  • Breed Survey: 5CX5/55 P First Class
  • Hips/Elbows: FCI A/A Normal 
  • DM: N/N Clear
  • Carries for Long Coat 
  • DNA checked by AKC 
Panter's Pedigree
Panter is a serious male that excels in both sport and real world protection. He is a dog that bonds strictly to his handler/family, he has the nature of a true German Shepherd Dog. He is not overly friendly to strangers but he is stable and clear headed. In public he ignores other dogs and people. At the home, he is a goofy boy that enjoys his belly rubs. Panter has medium prey drive, high food drive, strong hunt drives and very strong defensive drives. He is a dominant male but with fair corrections and a competent handler, he is easy to handle. 
Panter has a nice blocky head and good bone, he is a true medium sized dog with correct conformation. His grips are strong and genetically full, he absolutely loves protection work! Panter is one of the hardest biting dogs I've seen.
Panter will bring back real aggression (while keeping sanity) and hardness that the modern bloodlines need. He's a grandson of both Karn vom Fegelhof and Eick von der Berger Hochburg; both of these males are known for producing hard, full grips and strong dogs suitable for sport and police work. Also in his pedigree is Olex de Valsory, Amigo vom Bracheler See, and Etzel vom Stadtfeld just to name a few. Panter comes from West German working lines and old Czech lines from his maternal side.
Great health and longevity have also been a plus from Panter's lines. I've never seen this dog have allergies or a sick day. At 9 years he still has plenty of energy and very few gray hairs.
Panter earned an impressive breed survey of 5CX5/55 P First class, recommended for breeding.
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