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SG Dakar Mariko Bohemia IPO3, VPG1

  • Czech Import
  • Czech IPO3 National Participant
  • Titles: IPO3, VPG1
  • Show Rating: Velmi Dobry (Very Good)
  • Breed Survey: 5CX1/P Life
  • Hips/Elbows: A/A Normal, 0/0 Normal
  • DNA on file with SV/AKC
Dakar's Pedigree
This is a GORGEOUS old style Czech dog! Dakar has a large, square head and is built like a tank. He is a confident dog and social when not working. He brings a lot of power in the blinds and has crushing bites. His ball drive is top! Dakar also has excellent endurance and will do any kind of work. His nerves are rock-solid, always clear headed in every situation. 
He comes from highly successful Czech lines used formerly at the Pohranicni Straze kennel. Dakar is a grandson of Xero z Pohranicni straze; also in his pedigree is the legendary Grim z Pohranicni straze. Dakar is producing stunning pups with large frames much like him and lovely head types. He consistantly sires progeny with a great willingness to work. It has been my greatest honor to train and share my life with this magnificent dog. Dakar will remain to be one of the greatest dogs I have ever imported to the states. He is a dog that was much loved and cherished not only by our family, but also by his breeder Marie Kocourkova, who we can't thank enough for entrusting us with her beautiful boy! 
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