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For over a decade now we have imported and trained Working Line German Shepherds. We specialize in Czech, Slovak, and West German working bloodlines, with our first litter being born in 2010. Our breeding dogs are either directly imported from Slovakia and the Czech Republic, or raised from our own breeding program. Our dogs are carefully selected for balanced drives and a stable temperament. All of our dogs are health tested before breeding; they are examined for hips, elbows, DM, and full (correct) dentition. A sound mind in a sound body is our philosophy.
Our bloodlines are founded on dogs that are known for consistently producing high quality offspring. The goal here is to produce totally sound dogs with the versatility to work in whatever job necessary; whether it be sport, police work, personal protection, SAR, or loving family guardians. We are striving to breed the TOTAL German Shepherd Dog.

I highly encourage all German Shepherd owners and prospective owners to check out our INFO Page. This page has a collection of usefeul information and research regarding nutrition, joint health, and training supplies.

New Breeding Announcement!

Bora has been bred to Panter! For more information on this breeding, click: Here