Tuffy z Hrdinneho Odvahy

  • Hips: Perfect X-rays, pending official SV Scores 
  • Elbows: Perfect X-rays, pending official SV scores 

  • DM: N/N DM-Free

Tuffy's Pedigree

Tuffy is our litter pick female from Hirro and Cora. She is a large and well built female just like her mother. She is open and social with new people and other dogs. She is super safe in public and environmentally stable. Tuffy is a dog that loves to work with the handler and easy to trainShe is a very fun dog to work! She is tenacious in her work ethic, whether she's working for food or a toy. She is a strong female and can handle correction well. Her food drive is very high and she's an extremely athletic female. She's also showing strong prey drive and developing very nice defensive drives as she matures. Tuffy is a nicely balanced female; she has no neurotic or annoying behaviors. She's clean in the house and kennel and has a great off switch when it's time to relax.