SG Sabba Opavia Hof ZVV1

  • Czech Import
  • Titles: ZVV1

  • Show Rating: Sehr Gut "Very Good"

  • Breed Survey: 5CV1/P First Class

  • Hips: A/A Excellent

  • Elbows: 0/0 Normal 

  • DM: N/N DM-Free

Sabba's Pedigree

She is a beautiful dark sable female, and grand-daughter of the excellent producer Leon von der Staatsmacht. Sabba has normal social behavior and absolutely loves her family first and foremost. She is dog neutral and confident in new places. She is a toy nut! Sabba has strong food drive and even better ball drive. Her favorite reward is the ball. Her obedience is very flashy and precise, she is willing to work with the handler and will do anything for her toy. Sabba also excels in protection, her grips and deep and full. She hits the decoy hard and shows just as much power as the males. Sabba is a high energy female that lives to work, but she can also settle in the home