Quindecim z Hrdinneho Odvahy 

  • Hips: A- Normal (A1)
  • Elbows: A- Normal (A1) 
  • DM: N/N DM- Free
  • Tested Clear of all 173 Genetic Diseases through Embark, view results Here
  • Carries for Long Coat Gene
Quindecims' Pedigree
Quindecim is our litter pick male from our "Q" Litter, between Faro and Sara. He is a serious male that bonds tightly to one owner. He prefers to work for a ball or tug. His prey drive is good, however his defensive drives are even stronger. Quindecim has a pronounced off-switch and can easily stay inside the house. He is a larger male with great bone and head. Quindecim's conformation is excellent and his movement is absolutely correct. From his father's line, Quindecim comes from old Slovak and Czech lines used by police kennels in Europe. 
-Quindecim resides with his Co-Owner Michelle Kilpatrick in Houston TX.