Fanta z Hrdinneho Odvahy

  • Hips: Penn-Hips Top 30% of the breed
  • Elbows: X -Rayed Good  
  • DM: N/N DM-Free 
Fanta's Pedigree
We feel very lucky to acquire Fanta back into our breeding program as both her parents are now retired from breeding. She is from our "F" litter; out of Iva and sired by our male Dakar. She is a solid black, very sleek female. Fanta is an energetic girl and has a natural suspicion towards strangers. She is very sweet towards her own people, but protective of them and her territory. Fanta has strong prey drive. She will also work for food eagerly. We will be using Fanta's high energy and quickness to compete in agility! Her bloodlines are excellent and originate from very old Slovak and Czech dogs.
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