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SG Elza Dubacik BH, SVV1

  • Slovak Import
  • Titles: BH/VT, SVV1 

  • Show Rating: SG "Very Good"

  • Breed Survey: 5CKV5/45 P

  • Hips: A/A Normal 

  • Elbows: 0/0 Normal 

  • DM: N/N DM- Free

Elza's Pedigree

Elza is an excellent daughter of Fox Carovna Lampa, and grand-daughter of top producer Drago Eqidius and 2013 World Champion Chris Spod Lazov. She is a larger female with very nice bone and correct structure. Elza has one of my favorite temperaments of all my dogs. She's a powerhouse when it's time to work but such a calm and well mannered dog when it's time to relax. She has one of the best "off-switches" I've ever seen. She's a medium energy dog with medium-high prey drive, high hunt drives, and good food drive. Her favorite reward is the ball or praise from her handler. Her bark and hold is very strong and her barking is deep. Elza also has a full and strong grip and strong fight drives towards the helper. She has an excellent civil side when needed. She's the kind of dog that would protect in real life situations. 

Outside of training she is such a pleasant dog to be around. Totally calm and perfectly content with just laying around me when I'm busy doing other things. She likes to stay close to her handler and never wonders too far. However, she's not an overly clingy or attention seeking dog. Elza is social with new people and neutral to other dogs and animals. She has bombproof nerves, no neurotic behaviors and totally fine with new environments. I believe she will be an excellent female for producing strong nerved dogs with balanced temperaments suitable for sport, SAR and family homes. I'm very happy to have her here in my program! 
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