Cezar Charlie's Court 

  • Slovak Import
  • Hips/Elbows: A/A Normal 
  • DM: N/N DM- Free
  • Carriers for solid black 
Cezar's Pedigree
We imported Cezar as a young dog, and have first hand experience with him. He is a very large and impressive male with heavy bone and excellent stud expression. He is a dominant male but works well with an experienced handler. He has no handler aggression and can take a strong correction. His prey and food drive is medium-high, his defensive drives are even stronger. He is a very safe and stable dog in public, he gets used to new environments immediately. He has a good off switch and can laze around the house when not working. Cezar is also accepting of strangers and is a social with people. However he is also a dog that would protect his handler with his life; he has no problem engaging if there's a threat. He is not equipment oriented. His bites are extremely strong and full.
Cezar is sired by one of my favorite Slovak stud dogs, Goran Eqidius. Also in his pedigree are top producers Passat Eqidius, Drago Eqidius, and Paska vom Salztalblick. 

Cezar is currently owned by Anthony Poole and located in Magnolia TX.