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SG Bora z Kanaricieho Dvora SVV1, IGP1

  • Slovak Import
  • Titles: SVV1 (100, 92, 92), IGP1 (93, 88, 90)

  • Show Rating: SG "Very Good"

  • Breed Survey: 5CV5/44 P First Class

  • Hips: A/A Normal 

  • Elbows: 0/0 Normal 

  • DM: N/N Clear

  • Carries for long coat and solid black

  • DNA on file with SV/AKC

Bora's Pedigree

Bora is a gorgeous gal with strong bones and a beautiful head type. She is a large and masculine female, and an absolute fire cracker! She LOVES to work, whether it be in obedience, tracking, or protection. She has high prey drive and high food drive, but keeps a clear head and works like a machine. Despite her strong drives, she is a very easy dog to handle. Bora is not sensitive to corrections and never handler aggressive. One of the most fun dogs I have ever worked, she smiles the whole time! Her grips are firm, full and strong with a powerful hold and bark.
She gets used to new environments and people immediately. She is super safe in 
public and accepting of strangersShe is also dog neutral. Bora has a good off-switch when it's not time to work
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