Welcome to Czech Working Dogs
Kennel Hrdinneho Odvahy (Of Herioc Courage)
We breed, train and import Czech working line German Shepherds. Our dogs have clear minds and stable temperaments. All dogs here at Czech Working Dog kennels have sounds minds and bodies. Our breeding dogs come from some of the best working lines available, and are direct Czech/Slovak imports. Our lines come from top kennels such as Pohranicni straze, Mariko Bohemia, Policia, Blatenskeho zamku, and other top performing working dogs.

Our goal is to produce a totally sound dog with an excellent ability to work in whatever job neccesary; whether it be Sport, Police work, Personal protection, or loving family companions. When not working our dogs are great companions and very social. When working our dogs are focused, confident, and always ready to please their handler. We are striving to breed the TOTAL German Shepherd Dog.
We are Proud to Welcome Hax z Jurschtavu to our Home!!

Iva and Dakar having fun at a local pet store!


My email address is sarah@czechworkingdogs.com We are Located in Elgin Texas